Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Camera Resolution Selection

Remember this general rule of thumb when selecting a "HIGH RESOLUTION" camera: If a camera manufacturer states "xxx by xxx pixels" as a "resolution", then put that camera down and run. Quality cameras don't play this game. They state real horizontal resolutions. If the Horizontal Resolution isn't either 420,480, or 540, steer clear. Lower quality and older CCD chips state resolutions in pixel dimensions. High quality CCD chip makers will either carry 480 or 540..anything less..or an odd number near this resolution would come from a lower end product.

Once upon a time, a camera manufacturer handed me their latest camera and said it was the highest resolution IP camera they had available. When I asked about resolution, they started giving me active pixel dimensions. It wasn't until I ran the camera through a waveform analyzer that they finally said, "you are keen to this" when told that 376 lines of resolution did not qualify as "high" in my book. Never have I seen a high quality camera that gives resolution specs solely in pixels.

The BIG three

When it comes to video cameras, especially IP cams, there are few actual camera manufacturers. I'd like to be able to debunk who is who among camera manufacturers, but I think I will leave that for a later blog. In the meantime, keep in mind that cameras are a lot like cars in the sense that a ford mustang is still a ford mustang, nomatter what body kit you apply to it. Same for cameras in that a Topco (for example) camera is still a Topco, nomatter who decides to OEM the camera, add in margin, and slap a new brand name on it. More to come on this matter soon...